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Exhibitor “No Fee,” FREE Non-Binding Application – Universal

All Expos USA Events

Application is for exhibitor space at any Expos USA event. Exhibitor space booth is 10′ wide X 10′ deep, with one 8′ high backdrop drapery, and one 3′ high side-divider drapery, including one 8′ skirted table, 2 chairs, one booth identity sign, and 2 exhibitor badges.

The regular exhibitor application fee is $50; however, the application fee is currently waived through December 30, 2021. Submitting an application is non-binding, on the Applicant, but the date & time of submission does determine and preserve Applicant’s status and priority ranking, as to any “first-come, first-serve” brand-exclusive rights, purchases, and/or exhibitor booth locations.

Pending approval of Applicant’s application, Expos USA will generate and email an invoice that documents the exhibitor space reservation. Buyer will be instructed to print, sign, and mail invoice to designated address.

Expos USA will also email to Buyer options for making payment.  Buyer will be required to make payment, upon receipt of invoice, or forfeit “first-come, first-serve” position.

Please answer all questions on the application; otherwise, you will not be able to add your application to the cart. Follow this link to complete and submit application:

Exhibitor Application – http://exposusa.com/product/exhibitor-application/

Why Visitors Attend

Why Visitors attend health, wealth, & wellness healthy living expos: To Your Health, Wealth, & Wellness Healthy Living Expos afford Attendees a “one-stop-shop,” for all things specific to individual needs, as to one’s health, wealth, and wellness, all on the same day, at the same time, under the same roof. Whether Attendees are young marrieds, looking for the next great activity for the kids, or concerned adults, looking for the next great place for Mom and Dad, they will find vast array of unique and state-of-the-art exhibits, all in-tune with the primary themes of healthy living expos, including: allergen-friendly/gluten-free foods;  business opportunities; climate change; family wellness; fitness; nutrition; preventive medicine;  retiree & senior support services; sports & sports medicine; and vacation rentals. Retiree and Senior support services make up a large part of our exhibits.  So, adults, looking for the next great place for Mom and Dad, can find it at healthy living expos, without making multiple trips  to dozens of alternative living facilities.

How to Turn Your Home-Based Business into a Success by: Tina Martin

Tips for Seniorpreneurs: How to Turn Your

Home-Based Business Into a Success

According to data collected, more seniors are using their retirement years not to relax and golf their days away but rather to start their own businesses. Today, the self-employment rate among workers aged 65 and up is higher than that of any other age group, at 15%, and senior-founded businesses currently represent one-quarter of all new enterprises. Combine these numbers with the fact that home-based businesses are also on the rise, and you have the ideal environment in which to start your own home-based venture. To join the growing ranks of successful seniorpreneurs, use these tips courtesy of Expos USA.

Identify Your Most Marketable Hobbies

First things first: Identify what you love doing and what you do well. Though at this point in your life, you may have more than a handful of skill sets and passions, Money encourages you to think carefully about what a specific job will entail and to be realistic. Ideally, you will be able to start up your new business with little more than what you already have on hand in terms of talent, materials and space. You should also consider the marketability of your hobbies. Some ideas of money-making hobbies include gardening, flipping garage sale finds, writing and editing, catering, woodworking, and coaching.

Consider Your Business Model

Once you identify your most marketable hobby, plan out the logistics. How will you deliver your products or services? Will you open a storefront, sell your products or services online, or go to clients’ homes? Will you operate on a freelance basis, or do you plan to form a business structure? If you choose the latter, consider forming an LLC, as LLCs offer ample flexibility, protection from liability and several tax advantages. You can also file an LLC on your own with the help of an online formation service, as opposed to having to work with an attorney.

A few other questions to consider when devising your business plan are as follows:

  • How much time do you want to invest?
  • Do you have other commitments that will suffer?
  • Can you afford to add the stress of owning a business to your life?
  • Will your continuing to work interfere with your interpersonal relationships?

Plan for Startup Costs

One of the biggest perks of running a home-based business is that home-based businesses come with few overhead costs. However, you will likely need some working capital to take care of the initial upfront costs, such as LLC filing fees, the cost of materials, marketing costs, equipment and other expenditures. While your savings may help to cover some of the expenses, you don’t want to dip too much into your nest egg. Instead, consider alternative means of funding, such as crowdfunding, grants, Incubator and Accelerator programs, bank loans, and government programs.

Have Fun With It

At the end of the day, remember that you started your business out of a desire to stay busy rather than necessity. This is a luxury many people don’t have but one you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of. Don’t rush into a business. Instead, take your time to find something you truly enjoy doing. And, if your business becomes more stressful than enjoyable, permit yourself to try something new.

Seniorpreneurs have a lot to gain from their home-based businesses. To enjoy the most success in your golden years, use the above tips to guide you.

Home-based business expos from Expos USA present a great opportunity for seniors looking to start an at-home business. Call 305.390.8375 to learn more.

Covid-19 Update

The White House has issued guidelines, in effort to lower the spread of Covid-19 infections. One of those guidelines prohibits mass gatherings. Our healthy living expos and/or arts & crafts fairs are mass gathering conducive, so without choice, we have cancelled any and all of our healthy living expos/arts and crafts shows scheduled in the calendar year 2020. Pending favorable changes to the guidelines, we are now looking to resume scheduling “live” healthy living expos in November, 2021. We will keep you informed, or you may want to regularly check our website for  new updates. We understand that our change of schedule may not ‘jive” with your business, and you may not be able to wait until November of 2021 to capitalize on your investment. If so, please contact: larry@exposusa.com.a To all exhibitors having reserved and paid for exhibitor space for any of our 2020 cancelled expos, we will gladly provide complimentary exhibitor space for any of our newly scheduled 2021/22 healthy living expos.
Meanwhile, please know that Virtual Expos USA will launch a campaign to produce a series of Virtual Healthy Living Expos and Arts and Crafts Shows, in August, 2021. See Healthy Living Expos schedule for 2021/22.  https://www.exposusa.com
Unique to our Virtual Healthy Living Expos is that if your business is “first-in,” for your business type/product, your business will be the exclusive (only) exhibitor for your business type/product. For example, if your business specializes in “windows” your business will be the only (exclusive) exhibitor specializing in windows.

Healthy Living Expos 101

Healthy Living Expos …

“… America’s fast-track to Healthy Living for All!”

featuring exhibitor categories …

  • Allergen-Friendly/Gluten-Free Foods
  • Family Wellness & Fitness
  • Home-Based Businesses
  • Retiree Support Services
  • Preventative Medicine
  • Sports & Sports Medicine

Expos USA Healthy Living Expos provide for jam-packed, fun filled days for all. For visitors, we target young-married adult homeowners (25-36), with sports-active kids; and, active adult homeowners (40-65), with aging parents. Our event marketing campaigns are designed to deliver thousands of visitors, for each expo.

Free Activities …Cooking-for-Life Demos

  • Cooking for Life Demos
  • Dancing-for-Life Demos
  • Guest Speaker Presentations Program
  • Kids’ Stuff
  • Amplified Phones for Qualified Residents
  • Health Screens & Evaluations
  • Healthy Living Seminars & Workshops

If you own a HOME-BASED BUSINESS, our healthy living expos provide for great opportunities to share your products/services with 1,000’s of new-customer prospects, in a single-day. We offer very special discounted exhibitior booth space rates for home-based businesses. Contact: larry@exposusa.com for details.

Early-bird deep-discounted exhibitor booth space rates are applicable; until, 3:00 PM, Friday, May 31, 2019, or until discounted inventory is depleted, whichever comes first. Discounted inventory is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
To reserve your exhibitor booth space, email billing information to larry@exposusa.com. We will generate an invoice to document your reservation, and to “lock-in” your early bird rate. Reserve and pay for your exhibitor booth space before 2:00 PM, Thursday, May 30, and receive complimentary electricity to your booth, and 25 minutes stage time to participate, as a speaker, in our expert guest speaker program.

Exhibitor Booth Space Application

To reserve exhibitor booth space for our Sarasota/Bradenton Healthy Living Expo, on October 26, 2019, follow this link to complete our non-binding exhibitor booth space application, and submit completed application to larry@exposusa.com: https://exposusa.com/product/exhibitor-application/

Although the application is non-binding, the date and time the application is submitted works to establish applicants priortity status, as to exhibitor booth space discounts and booth location.

News Alert: Sarasota & Bradenton

Exhibitor interest for Bradenton has been little to none, so we have opted to combine the Sarasota Healthy Living Expo, and the Bradenton Healthy Living Expo, into one expo: Sarasota/Bradenton Healthy Living Expos. In doing so it has become necessary to reschedule from March 2, 2019, in Sarasota, and  March 16, 2019, in Bradenton. The Sarasota/Bradenton Healthy Living Expo will take place on Saturday, June 29, 2019, at the Shriners Event Center in Sarasota. Please follow this link for comprehensive information about healthy living expos: http://www.exposusa.com.

To reserve your exhibitor space booth, contact: larry@exposusa,com, or call 305-290-3332.

Healthy Living Expos Exhibitor Contract

Please complete and submit our non-binding exhibitor application, for consideration. Submit via fax or email (on contract).
To reserve and pay for exhibitor booth space at healthy living expos, send email to sales@exposusa.com, or call Larry at 305.290.3332.


Sales Revenue Guarantee for Home-Based Business Vendors

Sales Revenue Guarantee

for Home-Based Business Vendors

Exhibiting at Healthy Living Expos by Expos USA

With the prospect for 2,800 attendees, for our Healthy Living Expos, we have the confidence to include a non-conditional guarantee, in the exhibitor space rental rate, for our home-based business exhibitors.

Expos USA guarantees that within the four (4) month period immediately following the date of respective expos, vendor shall generate sales revenue from expo prospects, adequate to offset vendor’s cost of exhibitor space, or Expos USA will refund to vendor the difference between the cost of vendor’s exhibitor space, and vendors gross sales receipts from expo prospects. This guarantee is governed by the honor-system … vendor will unilaterally determine any claims against said guarantee, without dispute from Expos USA.

Follow this link to complete and submit non-binding exhibitor application, in order to establish priority as to booth location, and exclusive rights to exhibit your brand: http://exposusa.com/product/exhibitor-application/

All exhibitor space for home-based business vendors is sold on a brand-name exclusive basis, so if you are “first-in,” for your brand, you will be the only vendor exhibiting your brand. And, if your are “first-in,” you will also receive the “first-right-of-refusal,” to exhibit your brand at the next-following Expos USA produced expo at the same venue.