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Exhibitor “No Fee,” Non-Binding Application – Universal

All Expos USA Events

Application is for exhibitor space at any of Expos USA events. Exhibitor space booth is 10′ wide X 8′ deep, with one 8′ high backdrop drapery, and one 3′ high side-divider drapery, including one 8′ skirted table, 2 chairs, one booth identity sign, and 2 exhibitor badges.

The regular exhibitor application fee is $50; however, the application fee is currently waived through July 30, 2019. Submitting an application is non-binding, on the Applicant, but the date of submission does determine and preserve Applicant’s status and priority ranking, as to any “first-come, first-serve” brand-exclusive rights, purchases, and/or exhibitor booth locations.

Pending approval of Applicant’s application, Expos USA will generate and email an invoice that documents the exhibitor space reservation. Buyer will be instructed to print, sign, and snail mail invoice to Expos USA,  Miami, FL office.

Expos USA will also email to Buyer options for making payment (Check, Credit Card, or Google Wallet). Buyer will be required to make payment, upon receipt of invoice, or forfeit “first-come, first-serve” position.

Exhibitor Application – http://exposusa.com/product/exhibitor-application/