HUGE Arts & Crafts Show: San Antonio

HUGE Arts & Crafts Show: San Antonio, TX

Saturday, March 14, 2020, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

200+ Exhibitors

Henry B. González Convention Center: 900 E. Market Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205

Standard Exhibitor Space (in-line space location): Bare bones … no drapery, no table … no chairs … 10′ wide X 8′ deep exhibitor floor space … (bring your own table and chairs) – $65.00.

For Premium Exhibitor Space (corner space location), add $20.00. Corner exhibitor space is extremely limited, so if you prefer corner exhibitor space, you should reserve exhibitor space now.

To include 8′ skirted table & 2 chairs, add $15.00.

Mail check payable to: Expos USA, Inc., C/o Larry Thompson, 220 Broadway Avenue South, Suite 1410, Rochester, MN 55904. Space is limited … Reserve your exhibitor space now.

If you need electricity to your exhibitor space, it will cost you $20.00 – $90.00. We will offset any electricity expense, over and above $60.00, and if it the true cost is less than $60.00, we will credit the difference, to your benefit. Please note that we do not mark up cost of electicity. We will bill you for electicity.

Please include description of your product/services. Photos not required, but appreciated, so we can post you to our preferred vendor page.

We do not accept credit/debit card payment.

$15.00 discount to first 14 exhibitor reservations.

Blanket Purchase Order Opportunity

Our Blanket Purchase Order Plan (BPO) is designed to provide exhibitors with the “lowest-of-lowest,” maximum discounted exhibitor booth space rates, without the need to pay-in-full, for exhibitor booth space at the time of exhibitor booth space reservation. Our BPO Plan is designed for our “forward-looking” exhibitors. Sure, it may seem risky, but the upside is that exhibitors end up paying $380, for a booth that would otherwise cost $580.

When exhibitors join our BPO Club, exhibitors receive the right to select any of 7 of our healthy living expos, with no need to declare now, as to which of our expos they choose for exhibiting. The main reason to join our BPO Club is that in so doing, exhibitors “lock-in” the substantially reduced exhibitor booth space rates, as depicted in our Master Blanket Purchase Order Add-on Menu. So, to determine your exhibitor booth space rate, simply add $100 to the “add-on” plus rates listed below.

Although we do not currently have dates for all proposed venues, all exhibitors need to do is “ante-up” $700, and they will be secure to select the venues of their choice. If final dates, for respective expos, are in conflict with exhibitor’s schedule … no problem … exhibitor will never lose right to select 7 expos … if one date does not work, exhibitors may choose to roll date(s) over to the next acceptable date(s).

Key to exhibitors, when you “ante-up” $700, all you are doing is paying for the option to reserve exhibitor booth space, at the add-on rates below. If exhibitors never use options for 7 healthy living expos, all $700 is fully-refundable.

Master Blanket Purchase Order

Add-on Menu

  1. Standard exhibitor booth space (in-line booth location): 10’ wide by 8’ deep, with one 8’high backdrop drapery, and on 3’ high side-divider drapery, including on 8’ skirted table, 2 chairs, 2 exhibitor badges, and one booth identity sign (electricity to booth not included, and 25 minute stage time for participation in expert guest speaker program not included). The regular discounted rate for a standard exhibitor booth space is $580). Add-on … plus $280.

  2. Electricity to exhibitor booth space: pending venue, $40 to $90. Promoter does not mark-up cost of electricity to exhibitor booth space. Promoter guarantees to offset any amount, over and above $60. In the event the cost of electricity is less than $60, the Promoter will reimburse the difference between $60 and the actual cost to venue. Add-on … plus $60.

  3. Premium exhibitor booth space (corner booth location): 10’ wide by 8’ deep, with one 8’high backdrop drapery, and on 3’ high side-divider drapery, including on 8’ skirted table, 2 chairs, 2 exhibitor badges, and one booth identity sign (electricity to booth included, and 25 minute stage time for participation in expert guest speaker program included). The regular discounted rate for a premium exhibitor booth space is $700). Add-on … plus $350.

  4. Better-than-average banner: 10’ wide X 4’ deep, laminated, hemmed on all edges, grommets every 2 feet all around. No design or set-up fee. Exhibitor pays shipping fees. Add-on … plus $200.

To qualify for the above discounted rates, exhibitor must be enrolled in Master Blanket Purchase Order Plan … Cost $700 ($100 deposit for each of 7 healthy living expos)

Healthy Living Expo (Sarasota): Booth Selection

The Sarasota/Bradenton Healthy Living Expo (10/26/19) will consist of 4 exhibitor sections:

  1. Family Wellness (Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage, etc.)
  2. Health Care (Preventive Medicine, Sports Medicing, etc.)
  3. Healthy Living (Allergen Friendly Foods, Gluten Free Foods, etc.)
  4. Senior Living (Assisted Living, Financial Planning, Travel, etc.)

Please let us know in which section you would prefer your booth location.

Exhibitor Referral Plan

All Expos USA exhibitors are invited to submit contact names, along with an email address, for any business that exhibitor thinks may be interested in exhibiting at an Expos USA event. For each referral received from an existing exhibitor that reserves and pays for an exhibitor booth, at any Expos USA event, exhibitor making said referral will receive $35 cash referral fee, which will be paid within 72 hours of the day that referral reserves and pays for an exhibitor booth. Email referrals to:

Exhibitor “non-binding, no fee” Application

Exhibitor “No Fee” Application – Universal

All Expos USA Events

 Application is for exhibitor space at any of Expos USA events. Exhibitor space booth is 10′ wide X 10′ deep, with one 8′ high backdrop drapery, and one 3′ high side-divider drapery, including one 8′ skirted table, 2 chairs, one booth identity sign, and 2 exhibitor badges.

The regular exhibitor application fee is $50; however, the application fee is currently waived through March 30, 2019. Submitting an application is non-binding, on the Applicant, but the date of submission does determine and preserve Applicant’s status and priority ranking, as to any “first-come, first-serve” purchases, and/or exhibitor booth locations.

Pending approval of Applicant’s application, Expos USA will generate and email an invoice that documents the exhibitor space reservation. Buyer will be instructed to print, sign, and snail mail invoice to Expos USA,  Miami, FL office.

Expos USA will also email to Buyer options for making payment (Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, Etc.). Buyer will be required to make payment, upon receipt of invoice, or forfeit “first-come, first-serve” position.

Exhibitor Application –

Joint-Venture Working Partner Plan

Expos USA has immediate need for entrepreneurial-type, sales-oriented, individuals to partner-up to promote and produce Expos USA events in Sarasota, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, West Palm Beach, and Miami. Ideal opportunity for anyone that enjoys business-to-business activity. Event coordinator, event planner, event management experience helpful, but not required. Part-time, okay. Conversion to full-time, okay – anytime. $7,200 inventory purchase required. Outstanding return-on-investment. Start immediately. Details: