Covid Fallout

We are presently unable to drive Attendees, in quantities adequate to support our Exhibitors. It seems that Event Goers, categorically, are reluctant to attend mass gathering events, due fear of exposure to Covid-19 and/or the Delta Variant. Thus, we are in process of postponing all scheduled real-time, live, in-person To Your Health, Wealth, and Wellness Healthy Living Expos; until such time that Covid-19 is no longer a factor. If you have previously reserved and paid for exhibitor space, for any of our real-time, live, in-person expos, please immediately notify us, in order that we can make arrangements for your refund. 507.358.8632. The great news is that we are continuing to produce virtual To Your Health, Wealth, & Wellness expos. We have 2 coming up in Florida and Texas, in 2022. They will both be top-of-the line events, with huge Visitor attendance

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