Exhibitor Space – $240: San Antonio Healthy Living Expos

Exhibitor Space – $240: 8′ Skirted Table & 2 Chairs

We are experiencing a substantial demand for exhibitor space (table & chairs only) … no booth (pipe & drape). So, we have set aside floor space, inside the main exhibitor hall, for 8′ skirted tables with 2 chairs, for every healthy living expo that we produce, in Texas. Each exhibitor, with a table & 2 chairs, will have a designated area (10′ wide X 10′ deep), for supplemental exhibit collateral. We are making floor space available adequate to accommodate 8 only table & chairs exhibitor spaces for each expo. These table & chair exhibitor spaces will be located to the immediate left and right of the main entrance to the exhibitor hall. They will face the main hall exhibitor area, and exhibitors will have their backs to the outside perimeter wall of the main exhibit hall. These exhibit spaces will be available on a first-come, first serve basis. Exhibitors may “lock-in” a table & chairs exhibitor space, with payment of $240, but exhibitor is not required to declare for which expos exhibitor wishes to use the table & chair space. These “Super 8” exhibitor spaces are located just inside the main entrance to the exhibit hall, so all attendees will see your exhibitor space on the way in, or the way out of the expo. If you need electricity to your exhibitor space, add $40 to check payment.

Mail check, in the amount of $240, payable to Expos USA, to Expos USA, C/o Larry Thompson, General Delivery, Rochester, MN 55901. Before mailing the check, call first, to confirm availability, and establish your priority, so we can be sure to hold one table & chair exhibitor space in your name. These 8 exhibitor spaces will sell-out quickly, for each expo … usually within 24 hours, so if you are interested, action is required now. We will be on standby to answer any questions. Larry 507.424.9455. http://www.exposusa.com

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