Healthy Living Expos Intro

To Your Health, Wealth, & Happiness

Texas Healthy Living Expos

America’s Fast-Track to Healthy Living for All!

Healthy Living Expos are produced in multiple formats:

  • 1. Virtual (online) Healthy Living Expos

  • 2. Real-time, Live (in-person) Healthy Living Expos

  •  3. Hybrid Healthy Living Expos (virtual & in-person expos)

All expos feature primary exhibitor categories:

  1. Allergen-Friendly/Gluten-Free Foods

  2. Business Opportunities

  3. Family Wellness, Sports, & Fitness

  4. Physical/Massage Therapists

  5. Preventive & Sports Medicine

  6. Retiree Support Services

  7. Vacation Rentals

We target high-end homeowners (by zip): young-married adults (26-35), with sports-active kids; &, physically-active adults (35-60), with aging parents. Admission for virtual expos is free to all attendees. Admission for in-person expos: Kids, Free; Adults (18+) $5.00; Adults (Couples) $7.00. Admission free for in-person expos, to the first 700 attendees.
Advertising & marketing campaigns, including radio, TV, print & social media are designed to deliver tens of thousands attendees for virtual expos, and 3,500 for in-person expos.