Sports & Fitness Exhibitors

  • Coaches to showcase respective sports;
  • Sports associations & organizations to recruit new players;
  • Sporting goods retailers to showcase the latest in apparel and gear;
  • Sports medicine clinics to raise public-awareness, as to services provided;
  • Personal trainers looking to add to their client base;
  • Youth mentoring organizations in search of more mentors; and,
  • Higher education institutions needing to recruit new students.

To drive attendance, we offer a complimentary exhibitor booth to all youth sports associations serving the greater venue area. With the free exhibitor booth, we include complimentary stage time to showcase respective sports. Additionally, we provide each association with complimentary admission tickets, adequate in quantity, to allow for free admission for all roster players & parents, volunteers, coaches, and management personnel. This can result in 7,000 to 10,000 admission tickets being distributed, which makes for an affluent group of attendees.

We also offer complimentary exhibitor tables to all youth mentoring organizations serving the greater venue area, in order that they have opportunity to showcase respective services and recruit new mentors.