Exhibitor Booth for Community Service Organizations – $180.


We offer a complementary 8′ x 10′ Space to Community Service organizations: First Responders, Military, Parks and Rec Departments, Chambers of Commerce, Faith-based organizations, Boys and Girls organizations and Scouts. Please fill out our non-binding application as we have a limited number of these.

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One 10′ wide X 8′ deep standard (in line location) exhibitor booth, with one 8′ high background drapery, one 3′ high side-divider drapery, one 8′ skirted table, 2 chairs, one booth identity sign, & 2 exhibitor badges.

To reserve an exhibitor booth today, email: larry@exposusa.com. Please include organization name, product and/or service, and expos in which you would like to exhibit.