To Your Health, Wealth, & Wellness Expos

Thursday, (05/28, 2022)

9:00  AM – 4:00 PM

In Consolidation with City Venues

  • Arlington

  • Fort Worth

  • Frisco

  • Gaylord

  • Grapevine

  • Irving

  • Lewisville

  • Plano

If you are “first-in,” for your brand/product, you will be the exclusive exhibitor of your product, for the venue(s), to which you subscribe. The service fee, for each venue subscribed to, is $10.00 per month, payable quarterly, in advance. To “lock-in” the exclusive exhibitor rights, for your product, requires a $30.00 payment, for each venue, to which you wish to subscribe (you may cancel, at any time, without penalty, but if you cancel before the expo date, you will lose your exclusive exhibitor rights).

There is also a one-time set-up fee, for each venue, to which you wish to subscribe. If you wish to subscribe to multiple venues, we offer a downward-sliding set-up fee ($250 for the first designated venue; $200 for the second designated venue; $150 for the third designated venue; and $100 for the fourth designated venue). So, for $700; plus, the monthly service fee, you can lock-in exclusive exhibitor rights, for four venues.

When you subscribe, we immediately post your information. Your posting will remain posted, for twelve months, whether, or not you choose to cancel your subscription. The posting includes business name, brand/product, shoulder/headshot of your designated expert guest speaker, along with a 42 word bio, on said speaker, and a 228 word preview on speaker’s presentation.

You will receive full-credit, for all money paid toward a virtual event, toward exhibitor booth space, for respective real-time, live, in-person events, when they occur.

Attendee Demographic

We target “upscale” homeowners: Young married adults (26-35), with sports-active kids; and adults (40-65), with aging parents.

Attendance (Visitors)

Our advertising, marketing, and promotion campaigns feature TV, Radio, Internet, Print, and social media, with designs to deliver 7,000 Visitors on event day, and 28,000 Visitors over the course of your 12 month posting. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason (after 120 days, from date of event), you are not satisfied with your experience, you may request, and promptly receive a total refund.

Non Binding Exhibitor Application

To reserve your exhibitor participation, complete and submit your non-binding application (look under home page subheading “products”). Although the application is non-binding, the date and time submitted will determine your priority status, as to “first-in” exclusive exhibitor rights. Any “snags,” with submitting application, immediately contact us. info@exposusa.com

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