Virtual Healthy Living Expos

Virtual Healthy Living Expos

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$30 & You’re In!

Pending availability, you can still claim “first-in” exclusive exhibitor rights, for your brand/specialty product.

If you are “first-in,” for your brand/specialty product, you can claim exclusive exhibitor rights, for your brand/specialty product, for any and all of Expos USA sponsored virtual healthy living expos.

Just $30 locks you in for “first-in” exclusive exhibitor status.

Virtual Healthy Living Expos exhibitor participation fees: $10 per month, payable quarterly in advance ($30); plus, one-time set-up fee.

Pay $30 now, to reserve your”first-in” exclusive exhibitor benefits (money back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee).

Mail check payable to Expos USA, in the amount of $30. Mail to Expos USA, ℅ Larry Thompson, 7950 NW 53rd. St. Ste. 337, Miami, FL 33166. Let us know that you have mailed the $30 check, and we will make note to provide a 10 day grace period for your payment to arrive; meanwhile, the 10 day grace period will guarantee you “first-in” exclusive exhibitor rights, and no other entity will be able to infringe upon your exclusive rights.

Once we have received your $30 payment, you will have another 10 days to pay the one-time set-up fee, to complete your exhibitor registration, or your $30 will be promptly refunded.

The set-up fee for your first virtual healthy living expo exhibitor registration is $250. If you select to participate in more than one virtual expo, the set-up fee is reduced for each additional expo.

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